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Brexit and EDI all our services are operational

Brexit and EDI all our services are operational

If you are doing business with Great Britain, Tenor is pleased to announce that our EDI and WebEDI solutions comply with the changes required by automotive OEMs as part of Brexit.

Manufacturers including Ford and Volvo have already implemented changes to EDI messages in preparation for Brexit.


Ford requested changes to the ASNs sent:

  • Movement Reference Number (MRN) - To receive an MRN, the Customs Export Declaration (EAD) or T1 / TAD transit document must be submitted and then validated by Customs. This MRN must be specified in the ASN, whether in VDA or EDIFACT.
  • MRN Date - Date on which the export / EAD declaration or T1 / TAD transit document was validated by the local customs authorities.
  • Type indicator - EU (between EU27 countries and the United Kingdom) or EX (between non-EU27 countries and the United Kingdom) or T1 (suppliers in bonded warehouse).
  • Number of packages / packages - This was optional in the messages, it is now mandatory.
  • Gross weight - This field is already mandatory.


Volvo requested changes from the ASN sent:

LIN changes

  • A MOA + 40 segment - Total value + currency
  • An RFF + IV segment - Invoice number
  • A DTM + 171 segment - Billing date

We will continue to consider and implement these requirements in order to avoid any potential impact on export operations after Brexit.

We invite you to consult the following sites which will help you to understand the impacts and the steps to be taken for your import / export operations with the United Kingdom:






If you haveany further questions regarding the implications of Brexit for EDI, you can contact our support team on +33 4 81 91 78 78 or send an e-mail to the Sales Department for more information.