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eCar WebEDI functions

eCar WebEDI functions

eCarWeb EDI is composed of application and database managed by TENOR and the final users. The solution is certified by ODETTE, GALIA and can run all the message exchanges.

Discover eCar WebEDI main functions

eCar access: Users access application with login & password

Summary: Users can see the list of messages, download PDF and XML file, put into trash the messages and resend message. Inbound message may have 2 status: Received or Read. Outbound message may have 2 status: In Preparation or Sent

Delivery forecast/Call Off: eCar generates and sends automatically email alert to the concerned users when eCar receive a message from the Customer. Users can visualize by forms the delivery forecast and Call Off. They can print it via PDF file and/or download XML file.

Dispatch advice: Users can generate from picking list function the dispatch advice. Almost information is automatically fulfills and come from firm request. Users can manage the palettization and print, via PDF file, the PU, SHU and HU labels and also can print the delivery note to give to the truck driver.

Invoice: Users can generate the invoice. Almost information is automatically fulfill and come from selected dispatch advice and repository (database). Users can print the invoice paper.

Selfbilling: Users can visualize by forms the invoice. They can print it via PDF file and/or download XML file.

Repository: Users can update information for users, organizations, articles, packaging types, labels

Support: Users can use support function in order to send message to support TENOR team.

Administration: Users can update their personal preference such as the automatic generation of labels numbers, his password and get statistics of number of messages.

Langages: eCar Web EDI application is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and Chinese language. The documents are available in English or French.