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EDI Onboarding Opel Vauxhall

Dear Sir or Madame,

You have received a communication from Groupe PSA informing you of upcoming changes regarding the Electronic Data Interchanges (E.D.I) with your customer Opel Vauxhall.

TENOR EDI Services has been designated to support the suppliers along this migration process and to implement the necessary validation operations. If your company is concerned, Groupe PSA will send us the information needed for us to contact you. As a consequence, please wait for our team to get in touch with you.

To anticipate the implementation of this process, you may already read the “EDI Guidelines for SAT Suppliers” document which was sent to you by e-mail.

You can also make sure you have an operational EDI mailbox and that you are ready to process EDIFACT DELFORDELJIT and DESADV messages.

In case of questions, you may contact ediaccelco@ediservices.com for additional information about this migration.

For more than 30 years, TENOR has been making EDI simple with its EDI and WebEDI solutions. Likewise, we support our customers with their Supplier EDI Onboarding. Contact us to start the process – 04 81 91 79 99!