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ETL application, Extract – Transform – Load. Discover a new way to manage your data – DEX

Your ETL application for ESB, BPM and web service solutions. DEX allows you to copy files from many sources to many destinations of your information system (IS).

La solution EAI DEX

DEX is the leader of a generation of ETLs known as tactical EAI (Enterprise Application Integration). It ensures Simplicity, Reliability, and Supervision of your data exchanges. With DEX 10, you have an instantaneous view of your information system and receive alerts only when necessary. Your data is transported, transformed and supervised automatically.

Improve your Information system structure with an ETL solution!

 Bring your business applications together in one single tool.
 Remove point-to-point interfacing.
  Reduce your maintenance costs by 25%.
 Avoid technical constraints.
 Look up and validate data during the process.

DEX, your ETL application a complete data management solution

Exchange data with all your application

WMS / ERP / CRM / RH / EDI / API …

Set up all your connectors quickly

Customers, subsidiaries, partners, logisticians, web services …

Enjoy 360° data flow vision

Centralize your flows into the same software

Your ETL application

supervision ETL application

Supervise your EAI flows thanks to precise operation monitoring directly in your interchange software, including your warehouse.

ETL solution workflow

Design your feeds simply thanks to the workflow conception stage of your ETL solution and its ideal design options.  Integrate every feed you need: from/to data warehouse, web services, application server, including customer or app.

Watch your established flows through easy-to-understand graphic displays

DEX your EAI and ETL application

Model your data

Integrate all your application data in one software

Ensure data quality

Improve the implementation and management of your processes

Connect your repository

Facilitate the integration of data into your business repository

Simplify your IS with EAI

Choose a simple and easy to manage EAI architecture

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