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DEX – DATA EXCHANGER – Your Enterprise Application Integration

DEX - Enterprise Application Integration

DEX is an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software. It’s an information system supervision software. Simplicity, Reliability, and easy monitoring. DEX is a data exchange platform. With DEX X, you can have an instant view of your information system and only receive alerts when needed. Your data is transported, transformed and supervised automatically.

Discover your DATA EXCHANGER solution

Data Exchanger your EAI solution

EAI or Enterprise Application Integration :

You manage your data exchanges in a complete autonomy. Your interfaces are homogeneous, centralized and fully automated.

Simplicity in managing your data flow

Thanks to a graphic design mode, design and maintain yourself your exchanges with a reduced cost (savings at least 50% compared to specific development).

Data Exchanger, your multi-platform solution

DEX X manages many protocols to transport your data. This EAI allows you to define transformations between multiple data formats in a simple and intuitive way. Datas can be extracted or integrated via files, databases, Web services… In your processes defined on DEX X, you can also control all your applications.

Reliability and supervision with DEX 10

Thanks to the automated management of errors, the wealth of monitoring functions and the reliability of its execution engine, you save 80% of the operating time of your interfaces.

Security with Data Exchanger

Data Exchanger it answers to requests for securing Information Systems :

  • secured FTP exchanges (sFTP, FTP / S)
  • encrypted data (PGP, Hash)
  • secured communications (SCP, SSH).

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