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Our EDI solutions

Find the right EDI solutions for your electronic data interchange. Discover the specialist services of Tenor.

Discover our EDI solutions

eCar WebEDI

eCar, do EDI without constraint. Automotive WebEDI solution

Edibase EDI in SaaS

Edibase EDI, EDI software hosted in SaaS mode for any industry.

DEX, the On Premise EDI

EDI On Premise
DEX, The EDI On Premise solution that you manage entirely.

Value-added network

Telecommunications service dedicated to companies that use their own translator.

EQP – EDI supplier deployment

Déploiement EDI Fournisseur
Integrate all your suppliers into your EDI. The EDI deployment service of Suppliers

Start using EDI with Tenor solutions!

Establishing a new EDI link becomes as easy as a phone call! In fact, all you have to do is inform Tenor EDI Services of your needs so that we can put our teams at your disposal.

We offer two EDI software in SaaS mode that we have developed ourselves:

eCar EDI, dedicated to companies in the automotive sector and Edibase EDI, adapted to the needs of companies in all sectors of activity. We also offer a solution also for companies that have a real need for EDI On Premise.

If you choose EDI software developed by Tenor, you will not need any in-house EDI skills. We take care of the maintenance, supervision and operation of messages as well as your EDI links. From implementation to operation maintenance, Tenor takes care of everything! Contact our teams