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AUDROS Technology

Since 1993, Audros Technology has been selling its software suite Audros to industrial firms, principally SMEs and SMIs. The technologies developed by Audros Technology help companies increase the reliability of their products, reduce time to market, develop innovation, and increase customer satisfaction.
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International company with over 2,000 employees, 27 locations in France and 15 subsidiaries and branches all over the world, Cegid offers management solutions and software. The Yourcegid offer, available in SaaS mode, is adapted to all types of companies or public institutions.


Service provider of paperless document process solutions, Esker sells software solutions and on-demand services (SaaS) designed to automate the processing of all types of document processes from a single platform.


INFODEV designs, sells & implements management solution software for industrial or trading companies.


The KARDOL  group specializes in the computerization in SMEs and business subsidiaries: integrated management software packages (ERP), infrastructure, networks, etc.

With over 35 years’ experience and values based on trust and sustainability, the company builds with its customers performant and reliable solutions.


The Omnichannel Octave ERP is dedicated to product sales. Octave is a 100% SaaS offer suitable for BtoC and BtoB sellers, no matter the organization. Both the editor and integrator of the solution, the Octave teams make specific developments upon request.


As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. SAP helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to use live data to predict customer trends – live and in the moment. Across your entire business. When you run live, you run simple with SAP.


Management solution editor and integrator, SILVERPROD is a recognized expert all across the industrial world.

It offers a complete range of ERPs and meets SMIs’, subsidaries’ and corporations’needs adequately.


Editor of accountability/business management integrated solutions, pay and online payment solutions, Sage offers customized solutions and services to assist companies in developing their business.

Stock IT

With over 20 years’ experience, StockIT provides tools for managing your Supply Chain and optimizing your warehouse space.

Wave Soft

Editor of management solutions, the WaveSoft project originated in 2001 from a desire to offer a resolutely modern and alternative range in business management, customer relations management, and accounting.


Optimis provides skillful services to help companies with ERP CEGID YourCegid Manufacturing PMI integration.
Optimis provides various in-company services: Auditing, consulting, ERP project management, profession adjustment, deployment, training, change management.
Optimis helps customers implement the management solution which best suits their needs with the time and budget allotted.

Prod IG

Consulting and training specialist in industrial flow management, ProdIG helps you achieve your improvement projects for the whole supply chain.
We assist our clients by providing them with our method via our engineers’ talent and experience.
In this context, we also build on our experience in integrating ERP/GPAO tools in partnership with the Cegid group.

The Althays group

Althays is a system integrator and distributor, specializing in management IT (ERP, integrated management software packs),  which provides relevant solutions for mid-market businesses.
Althays was created with the aim of bringing the three following entities closer together:
• ALTHAYS-CONCEPT, strongly established in the field of ERP Manufacturing or trading projects,
• ATIKA, building on its achievements in its initial business areas: pay, finance and outsourcing services.
• LAGOON CP, specialized in network architecture, which helps the firm Althays by providing hosted-mode management solutions and complementing its range with its expertise in the integration of infrastructure solution.
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Flow Line

ERP and Collaborative Solutions integrator, Flow Line Integration meets Middle Market companies’ needs via a wide range of ERP applications, Sage X3 business solutions, enterprise social networking, and collaboration portals.

DP Solutions

Both an expert in IT and management solutions and an experienced consultant for CEGID SMI and SMI Pack software, DP Solutions specifically targets SMEs/SMIs providing answers to their problems.

Deveho consulting group

Deveho-Consulting SAS originated from its associates’ desire to use their expertise of ERP projects in France and in the world  to help middle market companies change their information system. Located in Paris and Lyon, France, as well as in Slovakia and Romania, Deveho-Consulting’s objective is to assist its customers in their local and international projects in becoming their long-term partner.


4CAD Group is an information system integrator for industrial firms and offers you its know-how and expertise of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). 4CAD invites you to connect these 2 systems to ensure consistent data from the design to the management stage.
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Editor, integrator and distributor of simple and innovative management solutions, 1Life is your information system partner. As a small or medium industrial enterprise, you need a relevant solution to meet the requirements of your increasing performance.  1life not only meets your needs but also provides you with a 360° vision of your business processes. Composed of a team of experts in Lyon, Paris and Montpellier, 1Life’s mission is to understand your challenges and find key levers to improve your industrial performance.