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The EAI DEX solution the tool for piloting and monitoring your DATA flows

An EAI, ETL, ESB, BPM and Web Services solution for your flows? Opt for the data management solution inside the IS as well as outside

DEX - Enterprise Application Integration

DEX is the leader of a generation of IAE qualified as Tactical IAE. Simplicity, Reliability, Supervision of your data exchanges. With DEX 10, you have an instant view of your information system and only receive alerts when needed. Your data is transported, transformed and supervised automatically.

Improve the structuring of your Information System with an EAI solution

 Bring your business applications together in one tool,
 Remove point-to-point interfaces,
 Reduce your maintenance costs by 25%,
 Free yourself from technical constraints,
 Ask questions about your businesses during process integration.

La solution EAI DEX votre outils de gestion des flux inter-applicatifs

Exchange with all your applications


Configure your connectors quickly

Customers, subsidiaries, partners, logisticians, web services …

360 ° view of your data flows

Centralize your flows in a single interface of EAI software

Ergonomics and information control in your EAI solution

Supervise the execution of your EAI flows thanks to detailed monitoring of operations directly in your inter-application exchange software.

Visualize the evolution of your submitted flows in the farm in a graphical summary.

Simply design your flows using the different steps of the EAI solution and the specific features available to you.

DEX your EAI solution

Model your data

Integrate all application data into one software

Ensure data quality

Improve the implementation and management of your processes

Connect your repository

Facilitate the integration of data into your business repository

Simplify your IS with EAI

Choose a simple and easy to manage EAI architecture

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