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The eDemat solution to send your invoices at a lower cost

The eDemat solution is Tenor’s tax dematerialization platform. Go paperless for your customer and supplier invoices. eDemat is software that dematerializes the sending and archiving of your electronic and paper invoices.

Opt for the eDemat solution, the economical, intuitive and quick to implement solution for managing your invoices.

To create, send and archive your electronic invoices

Reduce paper invoice costs by up to 60% with eDemat

  Save up to € 5.5 per invoice sent,
 Elimination of postage costs: paper, shipping costs, etc.
  Eliminate the costs and constraints of physical paper archiving.
  Fast and high ROI, of the eDemat solution

The eDemat solution, your invoice dematerialization tool

Reduction of payment terms

Quickly detect and deal with potential disputes. Quickly post your invoices.

Complies with legislation

Guarantee of authenticity and integrity of invoices transmitted. Consultation of invoices for 10 years in the safe.

Improve the quality of information

Visibility on past and future income. Quick and easy adding a partner.

Ergonomics and information control for your dematerialized invoices

Easily identify the status of your invoices. eDemat offers multiple views with the level of granularity you want

Easily identify incorrect invoices, zoom in on clickable pie charts at a glance.

Create personalized lists of your invoices to export them. The eDemat solution simply generates the invoice report requested by the tax auditors.

eDemat your invoice dematerialization solution

Time saving

Easy to deploy your project starts quickly!

SaaS solution

Access your invoices in a web browser.

Available 10 years

Storage with probative value over time.

Intuitive ergonomics

Easy to learn for your users.

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